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my excellent life
Irene Rowley

Irene Rowley

an artist that loves to read and write, and web designer that loves to make dreams a reality.

HTML5 experience:

I began to transition to HTML5 in the year 2010, when a web client of mine, TOKYObay, requested a website that their sales force could run on their iPads. This forced me to learn animation techniques withOUT Adobe Flash. Although I miss Flash, HTML5 was cool. It promised me animation and consistent techniques that would work on many platforms. I was curious but knew it was too new and Internet Explorer was not yet hip to the idea.

CSS experience:

I took a cascading style sheets (CSS) class in Spring 2009, taught by Linda Hemenway, and have been using external CSS ever since.

JavaScript experience:

I took Javascript this past Fall 2015 taught by LaDawn Meade. It was quite an eye opener. Javascript is everything I have been looking for all my life...well perhaps not everything but the light coding for animation and event handling is pretty awesome!

Web experience:

I have been working on the web since my first HTML classes in Spring 2002 at the SRJC. I received the AdobeDreamweaver and HTML programmer certificates at the SRJC in the summer of 2009. Since then I have worked as a freelance web designer for about a dozen local businesses. Here is a link to my portfolio page that lists the websites:

Last year, I wanted to go back to my roots in fine art, so began the websites:

My marketing experience:

I have worked in the graphic departments of Marketing departments since graduating from UC Davis in 1987. I began in marketing as a graphic designer for Atmel Corporation, in charge of their 1400-page databook (before engineers could simply publish tech papers on the internet.) Then I went on to work for SOLA Optical as a graphic designer, and then a floating design contractor for many companies.


A web-based application that impresses me:

Freefind logo

FreeFind is a free website indexer and search engine. It gives my websites an advanced search form, that will let people search all pages of a websites quickly and thoroughly. It will update the index of your website on a regular schedule, or whenever you log in and ask it to.



An upcoming public event that I plan to attend:

Open Studios

Art at the Source, Open the Studios

Organized by: Sebastopol Center for the Arts


June 4th, 2016 through June 16th, 2016


Artist Studios

Sonoma County, California

My Class Objective:

This class is one of the final classes I need to finish in order to receive the SRJC Web Programming certificate. I also will brush up my web skills for the new year, especially on the skills for tablets and phone devices. If all goes as planned, I shall have the Web Programmer Certificate by this Summer! Wish me luck!

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