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screenshot TOKYObay - Opencart storeOpencart

Logo OpencartOpencart is an online store solution that is free to the public that I've personally used, while designing online stores. Opencart is recommended for: Small to large businesses who need a modular online store that is simple to setup, (relatively) easy to use and customize in many ways. It has many low cost extensions and modules as well, due to an active programmer community interacting at Opencart.

screenshot Opencart Product Image-Pro ExtensionI have designed the wholesale store for TOKYObay of San Francisco that runs with this architecture. I've also developed a few extensions and improvements for Opencart in the swing of things. The newest extension I am very excited about is Product Image-Pro™. See my Opencart Extensions Page...

If interested, my Opencart extensions are available for download from


Ecommerce Templates™

logo ecommerce templatesI have developed three online stores (see using the Ecommerce Templates software platform, for sale here. Recommended for: Small to medium-sized businesses who need an online store that is fully-developed "out of the box" but also allows you to use your custom-styled category pages. It can also be setup with multiple price tiers for retail vs. wholesale customers. I suggest getting "Dreamweaver Generic Ecommerce Plus" (PHP version), and letting me customize it for you. I offer their software for sale here.


logo X-CartI have developed the online store for NeatTweets of Cotati with X-Cart, and so can also recommend it as another cost-effective, shopping cart solution.


My recommendations are roughly in order... but I reserve the right to change my mind!